How To Heal Your Body With Chakras

Every particle in the universe radiates energy in different ways. Tiny cells in the body emit energy on the basis of where they are located in the body. It is a natural procedure that energy flow in and out of our body through different points. The channel or points for energy flow are known as […]

Barack & Michelle Obama’s Birth Chart Compatibility for Marriage

From what we have seen of this famous, attractive couple in the world of politics, who married in Oct 1992, is that it is obvious that they have a solid, happy relationship with each other and their family. Why are they together? Their birth chart compatibility for marriage indicates stability. Barack Obama’s sun sign Leo and Michelle Obamas […]

Flammarion Engraving & Astrology

This is truly one of my favorite pictures associated with Astrology. It is known as the Flammarion Engraving.  It first appeared in a book by Flammarion in the 19th Century and derived it’s name from the author. Originally it appeared in black and white but this color version is perhaps even more beautiful. It shows […]