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Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports

Looking for a full personalised reading of your astrology chart based on your date and place of birth? Astrology Yard provide a range of astrology reports, detailed in this slide show, ideal for personal guidance or a special unique gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and valentines. All we need are the birth details and email address and we will send a personalised astrology report to them directly.

Astrological reports are delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of order placement and are in web and PDF format. Each includes an astrological chart also known as a horoscope, birth chart or natal chart, showing the planets in the zodiac signs at the time of your birth as well as easy to read listings of the positions of the planets and houses in your chart, and aspects between planets and angles.

Birth Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Birth Astrology Report - Your Personal Astrological Profile

Your personal astrological profile, birth astrology report, is the foundation for all other reports in astrology and is a in-depth interpretation of your unique birth chart that can be used as a tool to deepen your own self-awareness.

Learn about; your life goals, your home life, your education and communication abilities, your relationships, your motivation in life, your career and ambitions, your creativity and originality, your challenges in life and your purpose and joy.

Yearly Forecast Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Yearly Forecast, Astrology Report

The yearly forecast, is a future prediction astrology report that offers the major highlights of the upcoming year 2016/2017, starting from the date you order your astrology report. Will relationships, money or adventure be indicated for you?

Using transits, this astrology report will identify key dates and events in your coming year and allow you to be prepared for them, embrace them and to hopefully understand the lessons of growth they will bring to you.

Solar Return Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Solar Return Chart, Astrology Report

Every year the Sun returns to the exact same position on our birthday, hence the saying; "many happy returns". Your solar return chart, or birthday horoscope, is a chart that is calculated at that moment and is used to predict the future.

Will relationships be highlighted or will travel or work be the major theme in your birthday horoscope?

Marriage Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Marriage Compatibility, Astrology Report

The marriage compatibility astrology report, assesses whether or not a relationship is marriage material i.e. whether or not two people are likely to be successful in forming a lasting union. Are you as individuals predisposed to having a happy and successful marriage? Can you live in harmony? What is the spark of attraction between you?

Ultimately, the marriage astrology report will give you a greater understanding of your own and your partners needs and why you relate to each other in the manner you do.

Relationship Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Relationship Compatibility, Astrology Report

The relationship compatibility astrology report, examines a romantic relationship on a variety of different levels, offering insights into the dynamics. What are your individual relationship concerns? Do you connect emotionally and on an intimate level? Do you stimulate and inspire each other? Do you share the same generational and societal values?

This astrology report explores these issues and more, and whether the relationship is likely to be successful in the longer term.

People Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

People Compatibility, Astrology Report

The people astrology report, examines the people who will accompany you on your lifes journey throughout it's many different stages.

Initially it looks at your family roots and upbringing and the parental home, was it a warm and loving place or less so? It then moves on to your siblings, extended family, neighbours and early school mates. Next it looks at your friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. Then it looks at your partners and lovers in life. Finally your personal pleasures and passions are examined as expressed through Mars and Venus.

Career Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Career & Work Astrology Report

The career and work astrology report looks at your calling or vocation in life. It outlines what talents you uniquely possess that will lead you to a fulfilling career and work life. Ideally there should be no separation between who you are and how you make a living in this world.

It looks firstly at the overall picture of where your destiny points you to, career wise. Next it examines your general outlook onto the world and basic nature. It then moves on to where your income is likely to come from and what work you will be drawn too. Finally it looks at where you can go on to shine professionally in the world.

Progressed Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Progressed Chart, Astrology Report

The progressed chart shows us the natural unfolding of the potential revealed in your birth chart over time. Progressions describe the different phases in our lives as well as our inner urges and how they affect our lives rather than dramatic outer events. Progressions are likely to show us signposts in life's journey and consequently help us gain wisdom and understanding.

Some astrologers believe that Progressions are signs from our soul or higher self. We take a look at what is indicated by your progressed report over the next coming five year period.

Money Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Financial Prosperity, Money Astrology Report

This astrology report looks at the unique set of values and gifts we as individuals were born into ths world with. By understanding what these are, from looking at specific areas of our natal chart, we can gain insights into what we truly value and are talented at, not what we have been taught to value, and how this can be manifested for us as material wealth and financial prosperity.

Learn about; your money temperment, your relationship with money, your personal income, sharing your income and your fortune.

Health Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Health & Wellbeing, Astrology Report

The health and wellbeing astrology report, looks at your birth/natal chart specifically focusing on health related matters. It aims to give you a picture of the astrological indicators that correspond with your health and wellbeing. It includes nutritional advice, stress management tips and therapy options which may be of benefit for you specifically. It also aims to provide you with some useful tips about physical health matters and mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Please note, it is not intended that this report be used in place of a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. It is vital to always seek professional help where one's health is concerned.

Child's Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Child & Baby, Astrology Report

With the innocence of children comes the wonder of possibility in the lives that stretch ahead of them, the journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. The child and baby astrology report, hopefully, will give you a glimpse into the nature, talents and life path of your child or baby before it becomes evident in later years giving you unique insight into areas to be nurtured.

The report is written in a way designed specially to describe a young child, their needs and desires and preferences.

Sacred Feminine, Goddess Mythology Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Sacred Feminine, Goddess Mythology, Astrology Report

The sacred feminine, goddess mythology report, is a special astrology report for women. It looks at twelve figures from ancient mythology and the forces and ideas they embody and how they will manifest specifically inside of you depending on when you were born.

These twelve figures correspond with twelve asteroids in the sky each named after a specific figure from mythology. Each of these forces makes up one part of the sacred feminine and how it is expressed in this world be it through nurturing, fertility, love or relationships.

Pet Astrology Report. Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Pet Astrology Report

Animals and birds, and in particular domesticated animals and birds or pets, play an important role in our lives. No matter what species of animal you have drawn into your life, be it your pet cat, dog, horse, fish, tortoise etc, this animal astrology report will hopefully help you, as owners gain some extra insights.

Learn about; your pets personality, your pets lifestyle, your pets health and diet, your pets training and yourself as owners.

Astrology Report, Natal Chart, Birth Chart Astrology Reading
New Astrology Reports

There are many areas in life where astrology can be lluminating. As such we have more reports being developed all the time. Please check back on this page every so often to see if there are any other new reports listed that you may like.

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